Next-Level Healthcare Monitoring: Safeguarding Medications, Enhancing Patient Care

With ICARE's innovative sensor solutions, healthcare facilities can confidently uphold the highest quality, safety, and compliance standards in their medical environments.

Pharmacitucal Temputer Monitoring

Our wireless sensors ensure optimal temperature control and medication storage conditions, safeguarding their integrity and efficacy. With real-time alerts and easy access to sensor data, pharmacists can proactively address deviations and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Trust ICARE to enhance medication safety and quality assurance in your pharmacy environment.

Maintaining Ideal Room Temperature for Medical Excellence

With our advanced wireless sensor solutions, ICARE enables healthcare facilities to monitor room temperature precisely. Our sensors provide real-time data and notifications, allowing prompt interventions to prevent temperature fluctuations that can compromise the comfort and well-being of patients and the efficiency of medical procedures. Trust ICARE to deliver reliable and user-friendly solutions that create the ideal environment for exceptional medical care.

Optimal Humidity Monitoring for Health and Wellness

By maintaining optimal humidity conditions, ICARE supports infection control efforts, preserves the integrity of medical equipment, and enhances overall wellness in healthcare environments. Trust ICARE to deliver reliable solutions that help you create a conducive and balanced atmosphere for exceptional patient care.

Unlocking the Power of Wireless Sensor Technology

ICARE's wireless sensors outshine traditional data loggers in medical monitoring. Unlike data loggers that require manual data retrieval, our wireless sensors provide real-time, continuous monitoring without physical access. With instant alerts and cloud-based data storage, healthcare professionals can access critical information remotely and take proactive measures when necessary. Say goodbye to tedious manual data collection and embrace the convenience and efficiency of ICARE's wireless sensor solutions for seamless medical monitoring.

Insightful Cloud-Based Reports for Informed Decision-Making

Trust ICARE for actionable data that drives excellence in healthcare management. With ICARE's cloud-based reporting system, healthcare facilities can access comprehensive, detailed reports that provide valuable insights into environmental conditions. Our intuitive platform allows healthcare professionals to generate customized reports, analyzing historical data and trends to inform strategic decision-making. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our cloud-based reporting, empowering you to optimize operations, ensure compliance, and deliver exceptional patient care.

Liberating Time for Critical Tasks with Automated Monitoring

ICARE's cloud-based sensor system eliminates the need for manual data collection and reading, freeing up valuable time for healthcare professionals to focus on more important responsibilities. Our wireless sensors automatically capture and transmit real-time data to the cloud, enabling seamless monitoring without constant intervention. By automating the monitoring process, ICARE empowers healthcare personnel to prioritize critical tasks, enhance patient care, and optimize operational efficiency. Embrace the efficiency of ICARE's automated monitoring solution and unlock the potential of your healthcare team.

Transparent Pricing: Discover Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Monitoring Needs

Seamless Wireless Monitoring for the Medical Field: Unlocking Value with Transparent Pricing

Unlock seamless wireless monitoring in the medical field with our flexible pricing model. Experience a one-time start-up fee for setup, installation, and programming, combined with a convenient monthly recurring fee for continuous access to advanced solutions. Our pricing includes annual NIST Verifications to ensure accurate readings and compliance. Safeguard valuable medical assets, optimize operational efficiency, and enjoy transparent, competitive pricing that delivers peace of mind and exceptional value. Experience the power of our tailored wireless monitoring solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the medical industry.

Starting Prices
  • Gateways - $150 Start-Up Fee - $20 a month + Wireless plan (unless you have a network on site)
  • Sensors - $150 Start-Up Fee - $15 a month
  • The Peace of Mind - Priceless
Seamless Monitoring Empowered by HAAS: Unlocking Efficiency without Ownership Constraints!

HAAS (Hardware as a Service) revolutionizes the way businesses access and utilize our cutting-edge technology. With HAAS, you can seamlessly integrate our wireless sensor solutions into your operations without the need for significant upfront investments. We provide you with the necessary hardware, including sensors and gateways, on a subscription or rental basis. Our expert team handles maintenance, upgrades, and support, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. This cost-effective and scalable model allows you to focus on your core business while leveraging our advanced technology to monitor critical parameters, prevent issues, and drive operational efficiency. With HAAS, you get the benefits of state-of-the-art wireless monitoring without the burden of ownership, empowering your business for success.

Advanced Wireless Monitoring: Safeguarding Medications in a Sample Pharmacy Department

Welcome to a sample Pharmacy department within a large hospital, where our wireless monitoring system provides comprehensive coverage for critical areas. With complete monitoring of all 26 fridges/freezers, 17 medication rooms for temperature and humidity, as well as 17 Omnicell fridges, our advanced sensors ensure precise and reliable data collection. We empower pharmacy teams with real-time insights, enabling proactive measures to maintain optimal storage conditions, preserve medication efficacy, and adhere to regulatory standards. Our wireless monitoring solution offers peace of mind, allowing pharmacy staff to focus on delivering exceptional patient care while ensuring the integrity and safety of medications.

Ongoing Monthly Service
  • DIGITAL TEMP SENSORS - $15 - 43 - $645
  • ROOM TEMP SENSORS - $15 - 17 - $255
  • ROOM HUMIDITY SENSOR - $15 - 17 -$255
  • GATEWAYS - $20 - 3 - $60
  • Monthly TOTAL - $1,215
  • Total Start Up Fee - $12,000

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